Viking Sushi Boat Tour

Summer, Autumn Daily About 2 hours Stykkishómur Harbour Very easy

Embark on a voyage around Breiðafjörður’s beautiful islands; the popular Viking Sushi Adventure Tour offers a glimpse of the fjord’s spectacular scenery: variegated rock faces, areas of historical interest, along with some of the strongest ocean currents on Iceland’s coasts.

During the summer, the area is teeming with birdlife which include: puffins, shags, black-legged kittiwakes, arctic terns, fulmars and eider ducks. Even the king of Icelandic birds, the white-tailed eagle can be seen occasionally, if you’re lucky.

A definite highlight of the tour is the towing of the dredge along the ocean floor, where different kinds of shellfish are scooped up from the bottom of the ocean like: scallops, sea urchins, crabs, starfish and sea cucumbers, some of which we’ll taste, this is a rare chance to try the very freshest shellfish you will ever encounter!

Tour highlights

  • Beautiful Scenery
  • Great birdlife
  • Viking sushi adventure


  • Around 2 hours guided boat trip
  • Taste sample of Icelandic delicacies

Good to know

  • Please remember to wear water- and windproof clothing (including sturdy shoes) that will keep you warm and dry. We recommend bringing thermal layers, a winter hat, scarf, gloves, and warm socks as well.
  • Bring some water to stay hydrated.
  • Don’t forget your camera!


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