About us

The Company

TripGuide Iceland is part of Iceland All Seasons travel agency which was founded with the aim of assisting foreign visitors traveling to Iceland, to easily access the best selection of tours and transport available. Our main focus is carefully selecting quality tours & transportation from fully licensed and reliable operators at the best prices on the market.

Our mission

Our mission is to create an outstanding value for our customers through a combination of sharing local knowledge and excellent customer service. We also offer a live chat, welcome email requests as well as offering our assistance over the phone.

Our aim & motivation

From the first Viking settlers until today, Icelanders have been aware that this small Nordic island is magical. The extreme nature, variety of landscape, and the contrast between fire and ice, winter and summer, green fields and black sand beaches and so on makes Iceland a unique place on planet Earth.

Iceland is an island where the great forces of nature and the unique mythical history, where Vikings, elves and trolls play a significant part. Therefore it´s no great surprise for us locals that the rest of the world wants to visit our country, we just didn´t expect the growth to be as fast as it has been. Such a rapid growth brings many opportunities as well as many risks.

Our aim is to separate the good from the bad and offer our customers only carefully selected tours & transport services at the best prices available. In that regard we only work with operating partners that we know and trust. Our motivation is mostly in the feedback we get from our customers, reassuring us that we have achieved our aim.

Our vision for the future

The travel industry in Iceland has enjoyed some exceptional growth over the last few years and shows no sign of slowing down. The eruption of Eyjafjallajökull in 2010 and the amazing run of the Icelandic football team in Euro 2016 have given the country some priceless promotion which has among other factors contributed to some amazing growth in foreign visitors over the last few years. That phenomenon growth has provided the Icelandic travel industry with many opportunities.

We at TripGuide Iceland want to add some quality innovation to the travel sector in Iceland through expert local knowledge & personal service. Our goal is to be a leading booking & information company in the travel industry in Iceland within a few years. Our vision is that TripGuide Iceland will contribute to ensuring that our amazing island will be a desired destination for many years to come, known for quality, rather than quantity.