Underworld – Caving Tour

All year Daily 1 hour Your hotel / guesthouse in Reykjavik Very easy Min 10 years old

Available all year, this underground caving tour takes you to Iceland’s most spectacular Leiðarendi lava tube cave and craters. These beautiful, natural phenomena were created when the surface lava solidified but magma continued to flow in tunnels below. Leiðarendi is, in fact, two caves, formed by two separate eruptions on the explosive Reykjanes Peninsula, the first eruption occurred two thousand years ago, the second occurred only a thousand years ago.

Leidarendi lava tube is considered to be a subterranean wonderland. The entrance is a small pit that descends deeper into the cave;  where you’lll see natural stalactites and  a number of different rock formations. The cave’s name translates to “End of the Journey”.  Cave Leidarendi is about 900 meters long and it is situated near a volcanic crater south-east of the town of Hafnarfjordur.

Lava caves were historically feared and avoided at all costs in Icelandic folklore, as they were said to be the homes of trolls. Trolls were considered to be proud, stupid, brutal and magical, and in most folktales, they would eat anyone who trespassed into their homes. But don’t worry, we probably won’t encounter any magical trolls on this tour.

The cave’s ceiling and walls are well intact so it’s easy to navigate. Sometimes the cave’s ceiling gets a bit low so you might have to crawl for a short distance,  but that makes this adventure just a little extra exciting.

Tour highlights

  • Leidarendi lava tube
  • Beautiful rock formations and colors
  • 25 minutes drive from Reykjavík


  • Pick up from your hotel or guesthouse in Reykjavik.
  • Professionally guided caving tour.
  • All safety equipment is provided (Flashlight, gloves and helmet).

Good to know

  • Pick up from hotels or guesthouses starts up to 30 minutes before scheduled departure time.
  • Please remember to wear water- and windproof clothing (including sturdy shoes) that will keep you warm and dry.
  • We also recommend bringing thermal layers, a winter hat, scarf, gloves, and warm socks as well.


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