Standard Lava Tunnel – Meet on Location

All year Daily About 1 hour Raufarholshellir in South Iceland Easy

Do you crave adventure? Do you want to explore an ancient lava cave, deep underground?

Then this Raufarholshellir Lava Caving Tour is for you. Experience the beauty of the volcanic rock formations, that come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, as well as near-darkness and complete silence in the subterranean cavern.

This Lava Tunnel – Meet on Location Tour takes place in Raufarholshellir. The lava cave which is conveniently located in South Iceland, is only about 45 minutes drive from the city centre in Reykjavik. The cave is estimated to be about 5.200 years old with a staggering  length of 1.360 meters (3000 ft.).

The tour is suitable for the whole family. You can explore the lava tunnel in an easy and enjoyable manner with an expert guide.  The cave has a footbridge and state of the art lighting equipment which highlights the powerful volcanic rock colors and formations in  the lava tunnel.

Tour highlights

  • Fantastic  colors and rock formations
  • The cave has state of the art footbridge and lighting


  • About 1 hour guided lave cave tour
  • Flashlight and helmet

Good to know

  • Please remember to wear water- and windproof clothing (including sturdy shoes) that will keep you warm and dry.
  • We will not permit high heels or flat-bottom shoes (including flip-flops) on this tour.
  • Gloves are recommended for your safety and comfort.


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