Extreme Lava Tunnel Tour

All year Daily About 5-6 hours Your hotel / guesthouse in Reykjavik Challenging Min 12 years old

The Extreme Lava Tunnel Tour is only suitable for people in good physical condition. The cave was created by volcanic eruption about 5.000 years ago. It is know to Icelandic people as Raufarholshellir.

This Lava Tunnel Tour allows you to explore through this extraordinary natural phenomenon deep inside one of the biggest lava tube in the world with an export guide.  No crawling is needed as the cave is both wide and has high ceiling.

Tour highlights

  • Explore the depth of the earth in this amazing Lava Tunnel
  • Amazing colors and formations of lava rocks


  • Pick up from your hotel /guesthouse in Reykjavik
  • Expert guidance

Good to know

  • Please wear sturdy shoes and dress warm
  • Total duration is about 5-6 hours is including pick up and drop off times. Time spend inside the lava cave is about 3-4 hours.


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