Horseback Riding in Iceland

Horseback Riding in Iceland is a truly amazing experience where one takes in the breathtaking landscape the same way that the ancient vikings did.

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Upon the mention of horseback riding, people often hold the preconceived notions of boredom, fright, or simply of it being a personally unattractive prospect. Things change completely, when one suggests the same idea in Iceland.

Thanks to Laxnes Horse Farm – a small family operation – I had the opportunity to go horseback riding through the mountains of Iceland, specifically in the area surrounding Mosfellsbær.  The experience combined the gracious hospitality of a rural Icelandic family, close contact with a species of horse known only to this part of the world, and the impactful natural beauty of Iceland.

Upon arrival, you receive the warm welcome of the proprietary family of Laxnes Horse Farm.  Once inside the farmhouse, the family offers to equip you with a special suit, designed to keep you dry and covered while on the horse, with the added benefit of keeping your own clothes clean.  This is the recommended option, and above all, it is free of charge.

Next, the enjoyable process of choosing a horse takes place, where based on your experience, they assign you to a horse.  They then individually brief each participant on the proper riding technique, thus facilitating control of the marvelous animal on the trail.

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