Heli Tour Into The Glacier

All year Daily About 3-4 hours Reykjavik Private Airport VERY_EASY

Tour description
€1547 per person

Departing from Reykjavík, the tour begins with an aerial view of the city. Passing over lava fields, craters, colorful mountain ranges and hot springs we see how subterranean energy has shaped the country.

Moving along flying over Thingvellir National Park, on our approach to Langjokull Glacier. Deep crevasses and steep ice falls start to appear and as we land on top of the Langjokull Ice Cap to visit a man made ice cave.

Tour highlights

  • On the way from Reykjavik to Langjokull Glacier the chopper lands in the beautiful hot spring area of Hengill Volcano
  • Thingvellir National Park with a clear view of the division between the two tectonic plates.
  • Skjaldbreidur Volcano, is also another impressive landmark of this tour, featuring a perfect conic shape and crater
  • As we approach Langjokull Glacier we start to notice deep crevasses and steep ice falls
  • We go Into The Glacier and explore its interior and surreal beauty the glacier hides inside


  • Helicopter tour to the ice caves and back.
  • Entrance Into The Glacier.
  • Specially modified glacier vehicle to the ice caves from glacier‘s edge if weather doesn‘t allow helicoper landing on top.

Did you know?

Unless you are a helicopter pilot for the Icelandic Coast Guard or in fact a bird, than this tour is really a unique experience that you can proudly share with all your facebook friends. I bet you will get a good few likes on your status if you play your cards right!

Good to know

It is mandatory to bring warm clothing – even in summer, don’t forget it’s a glacier.

We recommended waterproof shoes and warm socks. Base and mid layer clothing, waterproof and warm coat, hat, gloves and sunglasses.

If the weather doesn’t allow landing on the glacier, specially modified glacier vehicles will take you safe and surely on the top of the glacier to the ice tunnel.