Cheers To Reykjavik Beer Tasting Journey

All year Thu - Sun About 2 hours Marbar near Reykjavik Old Harbour Very easy Min 20 years old

This Reykjavik beer tasting tour is perfect for the food and drink enthusiasts, offering a chance to sample some of the finest local beers & foods and learn about Icelandic food and drink customs.

The tour is based at the MarBar restaurant in the heart of Reykjavik Old Harbour and is perfect for food lovers and beer enthusiasts. The beer tasting tour gives an insiders view into the Icelandic food and beverage culture, customs and current affairs, offering a taster menu of Icelandic beer and Icelandic food.

Your Icelandic host will mix and match the history of Icelandic ales and modern craft beers with stories about how Icelanders have survived in the harsh landscape in the North. During the beer tasting you will try a minimum of six different beers and ales, each drink paired with locally sourced and prepared Icelandic sampling course, such as freshly caught fish and free range lamb from the Icelandic mountains.

The event is informal and your host will discuss anything and everything under the arctic sun, answer questions and give honest advice about traveling and enjoying Iceland. It gives a great insight into some of the unique Icelandic food traditions and into the up and coming drink industry in Iceland.

Tour highlights

  • Reykjavik beer tasting
  • Sampling course of Icelandic food
  • An insight into Icelandic food & beverage culture and customs
  • Local Icelandic beer and food


  • A local host / guide.
  • Beer tasting of six different Icelandic beers.
  • Six Icelandic courses, locally sourced and cooked by the Mar Chefs and served “tapas” style.

Good to know

This tour takes place in MarBar, in Reykjavik Old Harbour.

Please note that the legal age limit for drinking in Iceland is 20 years old and therefore this tour is not suitable for under 20’s .

There is no minimum number of participants for this tour.

If you want to combine this tour for a longer trip, The Northern Lights and Stargazing tour is a perfect addition.


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